2011 Sponsorship Program

As builders, we are all about making abstract things real. So that’s what we do at Constructing Hope.

Join Us in 2011!

Learning to read blueprints. Measuring materials. Using best safety practices to cut, assemble, attach hardware, and fi nish a  project. We  give  participants  the  skills  and  opportunity  to make something of which they can be proud. Sometimes for the first time in their lives.

Become a Program Sponsor

Your generous support helps make Constructing Hope happen. Our  sponsors  get  lots  of  visibility.  Throughout  the  year  we showcase  Constructing  Hope  sponsors  through  advertising, events and activities. The money we raise is invested in tools, construction   materials,   educational   resources   and   safety equipment.

Become a Shed Sponsor

Every term, Constructing Hope students learn new carpentry skills. Then  we  put  those  skills  to  use  building  storage  sheds from detailed designs. Your shed sponsorship covers the cost of materials for one shed, from the ground up.  Each finished shed  has  a  permanent  engraved  plaque  with  the  sponsor’s name.  In 2011, all the sheds built by Constructing Hope will be donated to the City of Portland for use in parks, schools and other public spaces.

See the 2011 Sponsorship Program Flyer for more information.

View the Sponsorship Form to become a sponsor.