Partners for Growth

burntime555 / 123RF Stock Photo

burntime555 / 123RF Stock Photo

Constructing Hope is embarking on four exciting projects to increase funding and expand programs. This work is made possible by the following partners:

Kaiser Permanente Community Benefits has provided a two-year $40,000 grant to increase fundraising and support board development. Constructing Hope hired consultant Sally Dadmun-Bixby to help the board of directors and executive director Pat Daniels “take it to the next level.”

The Collins Foundation made a three year commitment of $84,000 to support operational capacity for program and fundraising growth. The Collins Foundation and Kaiser Permanente will both help Constructing Hope develop long-term stability to help an increasing number previously unemployed community members develop the skills, confidence, and awareness for rewarding careers in construction.

The Oregon Higher Education Coordinating Commission is funding program expansion and increased staff to help graduates get the support they need to enter the skilled construction trades, move quickly into their new careers, and advance along their career paths.

Portland Community College has engaged Constructing Hope to provide workshops and training for young women at Oak Creek Youth Correctional Facility with a contract of $20,000.