Calling ALL Constructing Hope ALUMNI!! Community Benefit Agreements Push!!

FINAL CBA Postcard MAWE.CH.2017

Tomorrow is the NE Block Party 2017 Event. Pat Daniels (Executive Director),Tarrell Dawson (Administrative Coordinator/Summer Youth Program Supervisor ), Dante Graham-Preston (Job Developer) and the entire Summer Term Class will be at the Event doing Outreach/Recruitment.

We need ALL CH Alumni to attend if they can. We have postcards supporting the Community Benefit Agreement (CBA) proposal that City Hall will be voting on next month.

If the vote goes through, CBAs will guarantee that Pre-Apprenticeship programs like Constructing Hope will receive 1% of the contract value from publicly-funded construction projects over 25 MM.

This will ensure that Pre-Apprenticeship Programs can scale up and assist even more historically disadvantaged populations to enter into the construction industry and pursue well-paying CAREERS instead of merely working minimum-wage Jobs.

We need ALL of you to fill out aPostcards and tell Mayor Ted Wheeler and the City Commissioners about the positive impact that Constructing Hope has had in your lives. We can only effect change in Portland by make our voices heard clearly and loudly!!

Let’s Make This Happen.

Look forward to seeing as many of you as possible that the Event!!