Mentor Gathering

The Bureau of Labor and Industries (BOLI) and the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) assists qualified Apprentices and Pre-Apprentices with a variety of services through their Heavy Highway Workforce Development Program.

Constructing Hope has created a Mentor Gathering Program that not only assists graduates with the (BOLI/ODOT) program, but we also provide a venue where graduates can hear from seasoned apprentices as well as others in the industry about the apprenticeship journey. Mentor Gathering events are an excellent place to receive valuable information for those who may be having difficulties, or those who may simply have industry related questions.

Regardless of your chosen trade, Mentor Gathering events are a good place to Network. Connecting and exchanging information with others is how jobs are created and relationships are made. Asking questions and gathering information is one of the keys to building the career you desire.

Mentor Gatherings are held once per month at selected venues. Please look for the next Mentor Gathering event in the Events section of our website.