Tiane Kalamafoni – Constructing Hope Graduate Winter 2020

Life Prior to Constructing Hope TK always knew he was interested in construction. As a child in Tonga, his grandpa was a carpenter. He would work side by side with him, handing him hammers and nails. On school breaks, he also worked with his uncles in the concrete and masonry trade. Learning to build homes while using his own skill and creativity has always been a dream for [...]

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Despite progress, ingrained racism still runs deep in construction

While incidents of nooses and hateful graffiti on jobsites have made headlines in 2020, racism in the industry often manifests itself in more subtle, systemic ways. Greg Page, the president of Waldorf, Maryland-based Page Building Group, has a proven business strategy when it comes to applying for financing: Send in the White guy. That was the approach he took when he needed $500,000 to fund the expansion of his previous [...]

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Juan Mojica – Constructing Hope Graduate Winter 2015

Prior to enrolling in Constructing Hope, Juan was in and out of warehouse jobs, making a few dollars more than minimum wage. As a single father, it was a challenge to make ends meet at that wage. A DUI, which led to a suspended license, added more obstacles for Juan. Unable to easily get to and from work, he was forced to leave his job. A referral from [...]

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Constructing Hope by removing industry employment barriers

These are challenging times. The COVID-19 pandemic has required all of us to adjust our lives and calibrate a new normal. Meanwhile, the pandemic has exacerbated social inequities that inspired recent social unrest, which Portland has helped keep in the spotlight. And wildfires rage across America’s western states, destroying communities, homes and livelihoods in Oregon, and beyond. There is no better time than now to collectively open our eyes and [...]

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Anthony Williams – Constructing Hope Graduate Winter 2020

As a single father of two, I was looking for an opportunity to find a career that would support my family. Prior to enrolling in Constructing Hope, I was working hard, but wasn’t making a living wage.  I started out at $13.50/hour, and after 3 years with the same company had only received a $.50/hour raise. Constructing Hope gave me an opportunity to actually have a chance at grasping [...]

September 1st, 2020|Categories: CH News, Stories of Hope|
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