Story of Hope: Hope Kidby, Winter 2018 Graduate

Before Hope joined Constructing Hope, she had no construction experience whatsoever. She was a recovering addict with a criminal record doing janitorial work to pay the bills. Hope eventually heard about Constructing Hope from a neighbor and took it as a sign that she should join the program the very next term.   Hope’s decision soon paid off for her. In addition to the technical training, Constructing Hope also helped Hope get her record expunged. [...]

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Story of Hope: Charles Potter, Fall 2016 Graduate

Charles was just 17 when he was sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole. When he was released after 31 years, his felony record and lack of experience were both obstacles as he tried to find work. As someone with a criminal record, many people wouldn’t give him a chance, and Charles remembers that “a lot of doors get slammed [...]

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Second Chance Employment Is a Win for Employers and Employees

Second chance employment provides a win for the formerly incarcerated person who gets to experience the dignity of work; the community wins by reducing recidivism and crime; and employers win by gaining access to valuable talent. Read More

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Story of Hope: Edward Truong, Spring 2015 Graduate

Prior to Constructing Hope, Edward didn’t really have a plan for the future. He wasn’t always obeying the law and found himself in quite a bit of trouble. After being released from incarceration and with a felony background the only jobs he could find paid minimum wage, which wasn’t enough to make ends meet. Finding Constructing Hope played a huge role in providing Edward with a second chance, and an opportunity [...]

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Story of Hope: Lawrence Archer Fall 2017 Graduate

Flashback to early 2017. Lawrence found himself jobless, borderline homeless and overall not a happy dude. He jumped from job to job when he could get them, and just tried to get from one day to the next. Lawrence ended up learning about Constructing Hope by complete chance. His son had attended a job fair and accidentally dropped a pamphlet about Constructing Hope on the ground. As parents do, Lawrence [...]

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Dave Dahl: Portland’s Killer Bread maker on maintaining hope, giving back and staying well

For 25-plus years, Constructing Hope has, well, built hope among those looking to get into the construction industry. It’s worked with nearly 1,300 people, introducing them to trades that, by generating skills and paychecks, has effected positive change. The group captured the attention of Dave Dahl, the founder of Dave’s Killer Bread who advocates for building careers for those who may not have societal advantages, along with giving second chances to reformed [...]

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