Constructing Hope and the Portland Jewish Community

From Michael Brown to George Floyd to the unrest in downtown Portland, race has become an ever more visible issue. Fortunately, here in The Rose City, we have a gem that has been creating career paths in the construction industry for the formerly incarcerated, who are disproportionately people of color. Read full story View PDF

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‘Constructing Hope’ helps those just getting out of prison

'Constructing Hope' rebuilds the lives of people who get out of prison with jobs in construction. Dave Dahl, the ex-con who started Dave's Killer Bread, recently gave them a huge donation. One man says  'Constructing Hope' has completely changed his life. Byron Walker was incarcerated when he was 16 for five years. After serving time, he worked a few warehouse jobs. Read more

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Constructing Hope with Dave Dahl 7 18 2020 Podcast

Around the House with Eric G radio interview - This aired on 860AM on Saturday 7/18 and is now available as a podcast - LISTEN Participants; Pat Daniels, Dave Dahl & Bobby Hamilton, CH Graduate and now Constructing Hope Employee/Case Manager

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Stories of Hope Featuring Sade

How has Constructing Hope impacted your life? I transitioned out a healthcare assistant job making a little more than minimum wage. I worked over 40 hours some weeks and had hours during the evenings and early mornings without overtime pay. I didn't like being behind a desk, I didn't like being sedentary, I didn't like the hours, and I didn't like barely making enough to cover [...]

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