Story of Hope: Willie Jones, Fall 2015 Graduate

During his time at Constructing Hope, Willie faced numerous challenges. He had recently been released from prison and had a newborn son. He even had to bring his son to class with him, inspiring Constructing Hope to start making childcare available for all students. Unfortunately, Willie also lost his mother while going through the program, and he said that Constructing Hope was the “glue that held me together.”  Willie is now a carpenter's apprentice at Northwest Scaffolding, with just one more term left until [...]

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Viewpoint: Constructing Hope, labor pipeline, building inclusive workplaces

Constructing Hope Board Chair Mel Jones (left) and the organization's Executive Director Pat Daniels on a job site. NAIM HASAN PHOTOGRAPHY It’s an amazing time to work in the construction industry. People and services are in high demand. We can earn good money, and we’re diversifying our workforce. As we work toward diversity, equity, and inclusion, however, something is missing. We’ve neglected inclusion, which is the cornerstone for building [...]

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Anyone Want a Job?

Job fair at Clackamas mall aims to introduce new workers to decent-paying construction jobs. While Oregon's unemployment rate has dropped from the pandemic peak of 18% to 5.2% in July 2021, the job market is mixed. Low-skilled, high-stress jobs such as food service and moving packages are proving hard to fill as people reassess whether they want to risk COVID-19 to work two or three jobs without health benefits to pay [...]

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Dave Dahl – All the Wiser

Benefitting Constructing Hope You know him best as simply Dave, the baker and brand-visionary behind Dave’s Killer Bread. But Dave Dahl has had many identities in his life: inmate, art dealer, philanthropist, addict, entrepreneur, and criminal. He grew up in a strict Seventh-Day Adventist community... Read More

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Story of Hope: Gary Brown, Fall 2019 Graduate

Gary is now an ironworker at Precision Pre-Cast, working to raise panels for buildings. He graduated from Constructing Hope in fall of 2019 as a Tier 1 graduate, and he’s been working full time ever since. However, Gary faced numerous challenges before he heard about the program. He had been incarcerated and struggling with drug addiction. After he was released, he entered treatment and began [...]

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2021 Oregon Business 100 Best Nonprofits to Work For

We are proud to be listed as one of the 2021 Oregon Business 100 Best Nonprofits to Work For. Official announcement and listing will be released in Fall 2021. For more information please visit Oregon Business Nonprofit.

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