Hope Kidby Award & Certificate

Before Hope joined Constructing Hope, she had no construction experience whatsoever. She was a recovering addict with a criminal record doing janitorial work to pay the bills. Hope eventually heard about Constructing Hope from a neighbor and took it as a sign that she should join the program the very next term.  

Hope’s decision soon paid off for her. In addition to the technical training, Constructing Hope also helped Hope get her record expunged. That was the “biggest thing” that opened the doors to higher paying jobs. She also thrived on the exploratory nature of the program. Having no experience with construction, she appreciated the opportunity to learn about multiple trades before finalizing her career path. Hope’s “turning point” was when she was able to build a walking bridge with Constructing Hope. She fell in love with carpentry and graduated the program in Tier 1. With an impressive portfolio of experience, Hope was soon able to find a place with Hoffman Construction. 

Hope now works as a 6th term apprentice and is a proud member of the Local 1503 union. John Chriswell, the HR Manager at Hoffman that hired Hope, said that she “is the perfect example of a Constructing Hope graduate. I knew I had to find her a place, and she’s made a positive impact.” She is also a member of Sisters in the Brotherhood, an organization for female carpenters, that Hope says is “uplifting and empowering.” Hope prides herself on remaining curious and humble and wants to learn all that she can before she becomes a journeyman. She is currently saving for a house and hopes to one day go into safety inspection or quality assurance. For Hope, the program was a real turning point in her life.