“A Push For More”

“To me, Constructing Hope is a bridge to hope for anyone who is discouraged or does not have a means or a way to progress in life.”

Michael Asana came to Constructing Hope ready to take the next step in life. He had been working in a warehouse, making minimum wage, and thinking to himself that there must be more to life. It wasn’t until he began the program that he discovered the trades could be the life transition he was looking for. Constructing Hope broadened his knowledge about construction and gave him self-sufficiency skills to reimagine his future and build confidence in his abilities to succeed.

When he graduated Constructing Hope, he was still intimidated by carpentry and began his career in the trades as a laborer. However, with financial and emotional support continuing from the CH team, he switched to carpentry. “I now do 5-6 things a day I’ve never done before, and it’s become a fun challenge.” Asana now feels a sense of pride and satisfaction in seeing the result of what he does each day.

Asana highlighted his appreciation for skills and strategies that were instilled in him during his time at Constructing Hope, such as budgeting, being consistent, on time and having a positive attitude.