Rasean Cole-Cueto Constructing Hope certificate

Rasean had struggled with drug addiction before hearing about Constructing Hope while she was at treatment. She intended to start training with the program before the pandemic, but unfortunately COVID-19 forced her to postpone her plans. She had her second son during the pandemic and started Constructing Hope just two months after giving birth.  

Rasean thrived with the support of her husband and the program. She had no previous construction experience, and so she appreciated the step-by-step training provided by Constructing Hope. It allowed Rasean to gain a broad understanding of multiple trades before she finally settled on bricklaying. In addition to finding her career, Rasean also gained several safety certifications that she says she still uses every day.  

After graduating from Constructing Hope, Rasean began work as an apprentice bricklayer at LDC. She says that the “advice and support from Constructing Hope doesn’t stop.” Through the program, Rasean was able to get her driver’s license back, and even adopted a kitten from one of the program instructors. Rasean said that Constructing Hope is “always adding happiness to my little family.” In the future, Rasean plans on saving for a house. She also wants to teach her two sons about the trades, so that they too can have the foundation of a stable occupation.  Because of Constructing Hope, Rasean was able to get a fresh start and find a career to support her family.