Partnership for Community Growth & Change

The mission of Constructing Hope is to rebuild the lives of people in our community by encouraging self-sufficiency through skills training and education in the construction industry. At Constructing Hope we serve people of color, people coming from incarceration, and low-income adults. A youth summer camp provides skills, motivation, and construction career pathways.

Constructing Hope’s GOALS are to:

  • Help the long-term unemployed attain sustainable careers,

  • Increase workforce diversity,

  • Reduce recidivism, and

  • Meet hiring needs in the construction industry


HELP people of color, unemployed people, the formerly incarcerated, and low income individuals re-enter the workforce and attain middle-class wages.

SUPPORT those with the highest unemployment rates, fewest career options, and weakest safety net.

ENGAGE young people to learn that they have the opportunities, abilities, and confidence for career and life success.

ADDRESS diversity in the workforce to produce systemic change.


  • We achieve our mission by providing opportunities for self-sufficiency through a pre-apprenticeship, skills, and educational training program for people with a legal history and low income people.
  • We facilitate permanent job placement for program graduates.
  • We produce qualified workers with real world experience for the construction industry.
  • We serve our community by engaging in community development projects.


  • Partnerships with citizens, public officials, community-based organizations, service providers and other allies.
  • Involvement of low-income citizens and communities.
  • Continual evaluation and improvement of programs and initiatives.
  • High standards of accountability to participants, employers, the community and other stakeholders.

Constructing Hope — History


Interested in volunteering with Constructing Hope? Take a look at the volunteer opportunities and let us know what you are interested in.