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Story of Hope – Molina Weisner, Winter 2014 Graduate

In 2014 Molina found herself in the midst of a huge transition. In a short period of time she lost her mother, completed treatment for meth addiction and moved from Eugene to Portland. It was definitely a time of challenge and change. When she arrived in Portland, […]

2021-03-01T18:16:25-08:00March 1st, 2021|Stories of Hope|

Story of Hope – Jalone Jones, Winter 2019 Graduate

Jalone JonesJalone is a family man. He’s the proud father of 1 son and 2 daughters. Prior to enrolling in Constructing Hope, he found himself jumping from short-term job to short-term job. He was in search of a true career, paying […]

2021-02-04T21:22:06-08:00February 4th, 2021|Stories of Hope|

Scott Spector – Constructing Hope Graduate Winter 2015 

Prior to Constructing Hope

Scott was a high school dropout who enrolled in college to get his diploma, while also earning college credit. He had a goal of becoming a Marine Biologist, and his credits were focused towards getting his Associates Degree in Science, […]

2021-01-08T20:08:06-08:00January 8th, 2021|Stories of Hope|

In Memoriam of Antonio Sage Rodriguez

In Memoriam – Antonio Sage Rodriguez
February 26, 1992 – November 12, 2020

Family Member of the Constructing Hope Fall 2020 Pre-Apprenticeship Training Class

Antonio Sage Rodriguez was a committed and active participant in our current pre-apprenticeship training class. He was determined and driven to make a positive change in his life for […]

2020-11-20T17:57:22-08:00November 20th, 2020|Stories of Hope|

Tiane Kalamafoni – Constructing Hope Graduate Winter 2020

Life Prior to Constructing Hope

TK always knew he was interested in construction. As a child in Tonga, his grandpa was a carpenter. He would work side by side with him, handing him hammers and nails. On school breaks, he also worked with his uncles in the […]

2020-11-01T23:48:06-08:00November 1st, 2020|Stories of Hope|

Juan Mojica – Constructing Hope Graduate Winter 2015

Prior to enrolling in Constructing Hope, Juan was in and out of warehouse jobs, making a few dollars more than minimum wage. As a single father, it was a challenge to make ends meet at that wage. A DUI, which led to a suspended license, added […]

2020-10-08T02:09:45-07:00October 8th, 2020|Stories of Hope|

Anthony Williams – Constructing Hope Graduate Winter 2020

As a single father of two, I was looking for an opportunity to find a career that would support my family. Prior to enrolling in Constructing Hope, I was working hard, but wasn’t making a living wage.  I started out at $13.50/hour, and after 3 years with the […]

2020-09-01T17:49:09-07:00September 1st, 2020|CH News, Stories of Hope|

Matthew Sims – Winter 2019 Constructing Hope Graduate

I have been working in the trades since graduating from Constructing Hope in March, 2019. Upon graduation, I immediately took a temporary job working with Brand Safeway at their Vancouver shop. I got this position through Lisa with True Blue, who gave a presentation at Constructing Hope. […]

2020-08-14T17:25:42-07:00August 14th, 2020|CH News, Stories of Hope|
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